Welcome to the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit’s inspection disclosure website. CheckINspection provides inspection results for businesses in Haliburton County, Northumberland County and the City of Kawartha Lakes that offer services to the public and are regularly inspected by Public Health Inspectors. The following businesses are included:
    • Restaurants and other food establishments
    • Personal services settings (Beauty/body art establishments such as salons and tattoo parlours)
    • Recreational water facilities (Swimming pools, spas, hot tubs etc.)
Online inspection results describe the condition of these premises on the date of the inspection. We cannot guarantee the conditions of these premises at other times, nor do we endorse any business listed here. Please keep this in mind when reviewing information. You are also encouraged to view all inspection reports for a business, as it gives a fuller picture of compliance than just one inspection visit.

The Health Unit makes every effort to ensure all inspection reports are complete and accurate. For more information, call the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577 or email: info@hkpr.on.ca